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Hallelujah Challenge With Nathaniel Bassey.

Join 2024  Halleluyah Challenge with Nathaniel Bassey. A 30 day midnight moments of deep worship filled with testimonies.

Hallelujah Challenge is an inter-denominational gathering of Christians on virtual platforms led by Pastor Nathaniel Bassey (Nathaniel Bassey). The Hallelujah Challenge primarily educates and edifies believers on their relationships with God through sharing the importance and workings of the Holy Spirit; and having a one-on-one communication with him.



This is done by having worship sessions in music through the Holy Spirit/ by the help of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, the performance of songs are spontaneous and performed for strictly non-commercial purposes whether alone by Nathaniel Bassey with the help of his team, or with third parties such as YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. Join this year edition below.

hallelujah challenge
hallelujah challenge

Hallelujah Challenge is an inter-denominational gathering of Christians on virtual platforms led by Pastor Nathaniel Bassey (Nathaniel Bassey). Ministers and worshipers all over the world can now join the event through the livestream details below.

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What To Know About Hallelujah Challenge.

The Hallelujah Challenge by Nathaniel Bassey is propagated through the social media, it is a worship experience that gained significant popularity in 2017 and has since been a powerful moment annually. Nathaniel Bassey, a Nigerian gospel artist and worship leader, initiated the challenge as a way to encourage people to come together for a time of worship, prayer, and reflection.

The Hallelujah Challenge takes place on Instagram Live and Facebook Live, and youtube, where Nathaniel Bassey leads a daily hour-long session of praise and worship. The challenge typically occurrs at midnight Nigerian time, and participants from around the world join in through live streaming. The focal point of the challenge is to spend 30 days praising and worshiping God, and it gains traction as people share their experiences and testimonies on social media.

The challenge became a viral sensation, attracting a large online community and even catching the attention of mainstream media. Participants shared stories of personal breakthroughs, healing, and spiritual growth during and after the Hallelujah Challenge.

Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallelujah Challenge provides a platform for believers to come together virtually and connect through the power of worship. It showcases the impact of collective prayer and praise, demonstrating the potential for social media to be used as a tool for positive and uplifting experiences.