NSPPD Daily Prayer With Jerry Eze Live Today

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Watch NSPPD (What God Can not Do Does Not Exist ) Live Now.

The NSPPD Daily Prayer with Pastor Jerry Eze is a remarkable online gathering that unites individuals worldwide in a powerful spiritual experience. Led by Pastor Jerry Eze, this initiative has gained immense popularity for its daily sessions focused on prayer, worship, and teachings. Through live streaming, NSPPD transcends geographical barriers, allowing people from diverse backgrounds to participate and connect in real-time.

Watch NSPPD Live stream Today

Click on the play button to stream today’s NSPPD live prayer with Pastor Jerry Eze, live stream from Streams of Joy int, Nigeria.

Livestream of NSPPD Morning Prayer with Jerry Eze

The NSPPD Daily Prayer with Pastor Jerry Eze isn’t just a virtual prayer meeting; it’s a testament to the unifying force of faith and the boundless possibilities of digital connectivity in nurturing spiritual growth. NSPPD – New Season Prophetic Prayers & Declarations is the largest

Ultimately, in a world that often feels fragmented, NSPPD stands as a beacon of hope, illustrating the profound impact that collective faith and prayer can have on individuals and communities worldwide.

You can also join Pastor Jerry Eze – YouTube Channel here

NSPPD Daily Prayer Schedule.

NSPPD holds every Monday – Friday 7:00 am.

The daily prayer is streamed live on Youtube, Facebook and other official streaming channels of the Streams of Joy church/ Jerry Eze official pages.


Pastor Jerry Eze spearheads NSPPD (New Season Prophetic Prayers & Declarations), an online prayer meeting that captivates thousands daily on social media. Known for its astonishing miracles—barrenness turning to parenthood, the blind seeing, and the lame walking—the impact of this global platform has garnered attention, even earning Pastor Jerry’s YouTube channel the top global spot and recognition from major institutions like CNN. This innovative use of social media for spiritual advancement is unprecedented, showcasing the remarkable influence of faith in the digital realm.